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Posties up and down the country have been raising incredible amounts of money, for various different charities over the past few weeks, and should all be commended for their hard work in "lifting the nation".

With the idea having been mentioned many times recently, the posties at Fakenhams Delivery Office have come together, and many will be donning fancy dress to raise for littlelifts - a charity that was chosen by one of the wives of the Fakenham Postie family, who is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

We wanted to give her the choice of which charity to raise for, so she knows that we are thinking of her, and littlelifts was her overwhelming choice, having received one of their boxes by her oncologist.

To the majority of us at the office (until now!) a relatively unknown charity. Yet one that does such fantastic work in providing exactly what it sets out to - little lifts, when they are most needed. And one that is so close to the heart of our colleagues wife, which makes it equally as important to us.

We are all truly honoured to be fundraising for littlelifts, and look forward to the costume changes ahead of us.

Stay safe.

The Posties of Fakenham.

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